How do I book a locum

After you have performed a search, and BeeFound has found a locum that can cover at least 1 session of your requirements, you can book that locum




Clicking on the Calendar icon, expands to show the sessions that that particular locum can cover.

If you are happy with that locum, simply click the "Book Locum" button. The following pop up will appear



Here you have the option of entering a message to the locum. If everything else is OK, simply click the 'Confirm Booking' button to instantly send the locum a booking SMS text message and an email detailing the booking, and asking the locum to confirm.

Your booking is now complete, and your calendar will update to indicate a successful booking. The ORANGE corner of the date cell indicates that the locum has not yet confirmed the booking. As soon as they do the corner will turn GREEN


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