Can I cancel a booking or session?

Yes, locums can cancel a confirmed or unconfirmed booking up to 48 hours before the session is due to start.

To decline a booking simply reply no to the booking text message, or login to your BeeFound account and click the "My Jobs" tab. Here you will see all upcoming confirmed and unconfirmed jobs. To decline the booking simply click 'decline booking' underneath the 'confirm booking' button

To cancel a confirmed booking simply login to your BeeFound account and on the "My calendar" tab click the 'cancel booking' button. This will enter into the cancel booking mode. You just then need to click on all the bookings you wish to cancel in your calendar. Once all have been selected, just click 'confirm cancel' to confirm and instantly let the practices know that you have cancelled.

If you try to cancel a booking within the 48 hour cut off, you will be presented with a telephone number of the practice. You just need to call the practice and let them know you need to cancel. They can then cancel your booking from their BeeFound account.

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