How does BeeFound work?

BeeFound is a completely new way of getting locum work, and one that we hope you will soon realise the many benefits of.

BeeFound works by allowing GP Locum's to keep their actual daily availability online. GP Practices can then search BeeFound for the days and sessions they require a locum for.

BeeFound then uses a specially developed algorithm to search all locums availabilities that have opted in to receive work offers from the searching practice. BeeFound then finds the best matched locum or locums to fill all of the searching practices requirements.

Practices can then book the found locums via the website, and the booked locums are then notified of the booking instantly via SMS text message and email.

If you are happy with the booking, simply reply to the text message saying "Yes" or login to the website on your computer or phone and confirm. The booking is the complete, and you will receive an email with all the relevant details such as start and end times of the sessions, the practice contact details should you have any questions, and the amount you will be paid, along with driving directions.

If you are not happy with the booking, you can decline the booking by replying to the text message saying "No" or decline the booking via the website. Even if you have accepted the booking, but your circumstances change you can cancel any booked session via the website upto 48 hours before the start of the job. 

So with BeeFound you can set your availability and your search for locum work over.  



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